Daily Routines

Each day we operate a broad based structure of staffing that allows children the freedom to play, to explore and to develop in a safe and secure environment. Staff are employed on 15-minute schedules, in order to ensure all children are supported from the moment they arrive at the Club, to the moment they go home.

Breakfast Club

In the mornings staff are here from 7:40am and we open at 8:00am. For any children arriving before 8:25am breakfast will be offered. For some children this may be the first meal of their day. For others this may be the second opportunity for breakfast! Children will be encouraged to eat and drink, in readiness for the school day ahead.

After School Club

In the afternoons staff are here from 2:45pm. The school day, in Brampton, has a staggered finish. Reception children are collected from 3:05pm, Key Stage 1 children are collected from 3:10pm and Key Stage 2 children arrive from 3:15pm. An afternoon snack is offered upon arrival, usually in Key Stage order. In addition to the regular snack, fresh fruit is normally available throughout the session and fresh drinking water is always available. The food we offer in the afternoons is designed to give the children enough energy to play. It is not a substitute for a healthy meal at the end of the day. If you find your child is struggling to cope without additional food before they get home, additional snacks can be provided by you and we will support your child by ensuring they have adequate time to eat.

Holiday Club

During the Holiday Club we are open from 8:00am until 6:00pm. Staff are on duty from 7:45am to prepare the setting for the children’s arrival. Unlike the Breakfast Club, our first snack is offered to all children at 10:00am. Children should have breakfast at home, prior to attending. At 12:30pm we stop play and have lunch. Every child should bring their own packed lunch. In the afternoon at 3:00pm, afternoon snack is offered to all children.

Food & Drink

All of the food and drink we offer is free of charge. The hottest food we usually offer comes from the toaster! No costs will be added to your bill for anything consumed while at the Club.

The range of food and drink we offer includes;

  • Fresh fruit & vegetables; such as cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, bananas, satsumas, apples, pears and grapes.
  • Dairy items; such as mild cheddar cheese, Vitalite spread, plain or fruit yoghurt, fromage frais, semi-skimmed milk.
  • Breakfast cereals; such as Cheerios, Rice Krispies and Shreddies.
  • Preserves & Spreads; such as honey, strawberry jam, Marmite and lemon curd.
  • Bread and morning goods; such as mini pitta bread, mini wraps, crumpets, muffins, bagels, bread (brown and white sliced), fruit bread and malt loaf.
  • Fresh drinking water is always available to ensure children remain sufficiently hydrated during their time with us.

If your child has any food/eating requirements specific to diet, allergies, general health or religion, please let us know as soon as possible.

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