22:30pm – Monday 1st March 2021

Hello Parents,

Thank you for staying with us throughout this difficult time.  While the vast majority of children have not been able to return to school during Lockdown, we have enjoyed seeing an average of 16 children of keyworkers, or who may be vulnerable, each day.
Following a Government announcement on Sunday 28th February all households with children of school age can now get rapid Covid-19 tests, per person, per week.  I have attached a PDF with the information you need and I encourage you all to access the test kits if you are not already doing so.  Updated guidance, received today, is also attached which includes a link for you to order the kits.
As we approach the return to school please find further updates from us, covering Legislation, Covid-security, Place Availability, Holiday Clubs and Invoices.

Return to School/Legislation and right of access – The return to school had been widely publicised and is expected from 8th March 2021.  While this is still to be confirmed we are watching the news and awaiting final confirmation and further updates.  If BVPS opens on 8th March, so will we.  If the re-opening of school is delayed in any way then we will mirror existing practice and work within the school rules to make sure we can look after as many children as possible.
The law change that permits attendance to wraparound care does not allow every child to attend.  The detail is as follows;

From 8 March, out-of-school settings and wraparound childcare providers will be able to offer indoor and outdoor provision to all children. However, parents and carers will only be able to access settings for certain essential purposes.

Therefore, from 8 March, providers should only offer indoor and outdoor face-to-face provision to:

  • vulnerable children and young people
  • other children, where the provision is:
    • reasonably necessary to enable their parents and carers to work, search for work, undertake education or training, or attend a medical appointment or address a medical need, or attend a support group
    • being used by electively home educating parents as part of their arrangements for their child to receive a suitable full-time education
    • being used as part of their efforts to obtain a regulated qualification, meet the entry requirements for an education institution, or to undertake exams and assessments

The published criteria does not allow the return to wraparound care for ’socialising’ purposes.
It is my current understanding that ALL children currently on our register attend BKC because of the reasons above.  Therefore, in our case, all existing families can be supported immediately.  If this is not the case, please let me know asap and I will amend invoices, as necessary.
Full access for all children, without restriction, is currently permissible after 12th April 2021.

Covid Security – Throughout each Lockdown, and in-between, we have constantly reviewed and enhanced out covid security.  Deep cleans, daily risk assessments and enhanced hand-washing have all been protective measures that have kept all children, visitors and staff safe.  To date, we have had zero cases of infection reported.
Before 8th March BKC will have another deep clean, in readiness for the expected return to school.  Existing protocols will remain in place, such as delivery/collection at the yellow gates, hand sanitiser, forehead temperature checks, contact point cleaning and so on.
We will continue to monitor government guidelines but will keep our ’new normal’ until local infection rates diminish.

Availability – Lockdown 3 has seen our numbers reduce further, so we now have plenty of space available to meet any changing demands, as families return to work.
If you need to change your current schedule please let me know.  Any increase should be possible with immediate effect.  Any decrease will be subject to the normal terms of membership.

Holiday Clubs – Although the restrictions to access wraparound care are being lifted they will not be completely gone before the Easter Holiday Club.
Further changes that permit attendance to wraparound care at Easter, are as follows;

As set out in the COVID-19 Response – Spring 2021 guidance, from 29 March, and in line with when schools close for the Easter holidays, out-of-school settings and wraparound providers will be able to offer:

  • outdoor provision to all children, without restrictions on the purpose for which they may attend
  • indoor provision to:
    • vulnerable children and young people
    • children on free school meals, where they are attending as part of the Department for Education’s holiday activities and food programme
  • other children, where the provision is:
    • reasonably necessary to enable their parents and carers to work, search for work, undertake education or training, or attend a medical appointment or address a medical need, or attend a support group
    • being used by electively home educating parents as part of their arrangements for their child to receive a suitable full-time education
    • being used as part of their efforts to obtain a regulated qualification, meet the entry requirements for an education institution, or to undertake exams and assessments

We are currently working with the Local Authority to explore the implementation of HAF – Holiday Activities and Food programme. It is envisaged that children receiving free school meals should be able to access ‘paid for’ childcare, to include food.  The outline plan is for up to 4 hours a day, four days a week – all paid for through the LA.  
Further details will follow in due course.

Invoices – Thank you, once again, for supporting our cash flow with prompt payment of invoices.  I am currently in the process of preparing invoices for March and these will, again, be sent through email.
Sending invoices through email might be the way forward, but we will do this through consultation with you, once the pandemic restrictions are over.
We were very lucky to receive a small grant to help towards business costs.  This has been used directly to pay rent and to pay all PAYE staff 100% of their expected pay (if we hadn’t had the pandemic).  This means all staff will be back next week and the children will see all the familiar faces they will be expecting.

It seems like ‘forever’ since we had some sense of normality, but better times are definitely ahead. We are all looking forward to returning to work and to looking after and playing with all children once again.
If you have any questions, or concerns, related to the contents of this email please do no hesitate to contact me.
I look forward to catching up with you all very soon.
Best wishes, stay safe,


17:30pm – Sunday 31st January 2021

Hello Parents,

I’m sorry to disturb your Sunday afternoon, but I have just a couple of updates for you.
All PAYE Staff are once again furloughed.  Although some staff are working to care for the children permitted to attend school, none are working to full contracted hours.

Of those staff currently working at BKC, all of them are also working at school.  Through this, they each have their own Workplace Lateral Flow test kits and are carrying out the 30-minute wait, twice a week.  So far, all tests have reported negative.

Thank you to all families that paid their January invoices within a day of receiving them.  This has helped us to pay all staff on-time, and in full.

If you were sent an invoice and have not yet paid, I respectfully ask you to bring your account up to date, ASAP.  The money is needed for cashflow to remain positive.

For February 2021 I am proposing to raise two invoices.  One, to cover 1st February until 12th February, and the other to cover the whole month.  Each invoice will be produced as soon as the school attendance has been approved and published.  Invoices will be distributed by email only, if needed.  If you don’t receive one from me, but need one for your records, for rent support etc, please let me know.  Once we return I will have paper copies available for everyone.

February Half-Term Holiday Club
The Holiday Club will go ahead, but only on Monday 15th February and Wednesday 17th February 2021.

Initial requests for places gave us a daily list of 10, 5, 11, 6 and 5 children, as the week progressed.  Since then, some parents have been able to be flexible with their critical work roles and have moved requests to alternative days which has helped us to open the two days.  We currently have 4 spaces remaining on Monday and 3 spaces remaining on Wednesday.

If you have requested childcare on the days we are now closed, or if circumstance change as the holidays approach and you find yourself in need of childcare on those days, you can contact Cambridgeshire Family Information Services (FISs), on 0345 045 1360.

The FISs provide advice and guidance to parents on childcare and early years services, and information about registered childcare, non-registered childcare, the free entitlement to early years provision and childcare settings suitable for children with disabilities and special educational needs.  In addition, they support parents who are finding it difficult to access the childcare provision they need.

As ever, I thank you for your continued support.  But, please remember, at all times, you reserve the right to cancel your contract with us at anytime.  Terms of Membership are available on our website.
I hope you are all keeping safe, busy, and looking forward to a positive outcome for us all, over the next few weeks and months.

Best wishes to you all,


10:00pm – Tuesday 5th January 2021

I apologise for the late update but I have only just been through the list of children that have been offered places at school for tomorrow.  As yet, I do not have a confirmed list of offers for Thursday or Friday, so I am unable to message you individually.

The position of BKC is very simple.  We are here to support every family as much as we can.  However, the second national lockdown has already had an extremely damaging effect on our business.  On top of the catastrophic effects of covid-19 we face a long battle to rebuild.  20 years of continued annual growth has been wiped away.  But, we are alive, we still have our health and a lot to be grateful for.  BKC will return, and be fully operational as soon as the pandemic eases.

While we begin Lockdown again we are trying to do as much as we can to support you all.  I have had many conversations today and am grateful for the support you have given.  Thank you!

For tomorrow, if you have a confirmed place offered for your child/children to attend Brampton School, can you please confirm if you will also be using your regular booked sessions at Kids Club?  If we have already spoken or emailed once this evening there is no need to reply again.

As we move ahead this week, I understand school will be canvassing requests for next week and beyond.  If you are on the list for school, you are confirmed for BKC; if you still want to use the sessions.  This data will then be used to confirm if we are in a financial position to continue supporting you all, or risk our future by doing so.

Tomorrow, I will email again to confirm BKC requirements for Thursday and hopefully for Friday, if the lists are available to me.

For all families, irrespective of current contracts, while under Lockdown you will only be charged for the sessions you book.  So, for example, if you normally schedule all 15 sessions but only attend 3 days, you will only be charged for the 9 sessions.  Normal contracts will be reinstated from the easing of Lockdown and I will make sure this is communicated clearly as the time approaches.

During Lockdown continual invoicing will continue but the sessions not used will automatically be credited back.  Any payments made during this time will be ring-fenced in our account and will not be used.  When I calculate the revised invoices for January I will email them to everyone in due course. If I can please ask, if you have a balance owing, your prompt payment will help us to stay afloat.

Throughout the Christmas period, moving into Tier 4, we reviewed our covid-secure routines and risk assessments to see where we could re-focus and make subtle changes to enhance further, the safety of everyone in attendance.  The changes were put in place for the Holiday Club yesterday and worked very well.

So, we are where we are!  If you can please confirm any requirements for tomorrow that would be great.

Please continue to be vigilant, stay safe and wash your hands!

Best wishes,


9:30pm – Monday 4th January 2021

Following this evenings announcement, moving to National Lockdown (again), this is the current state of play:

Tuesday 5th January 2021 – BKC WIL BE CLOSED. We are not legally permitted to open as school will be closed. All charges for childcare previously booked from tomorrow, will be credited in full, as the sessions are unable to be used.

The new legislation states, “Childcare – Vulnerable children and children of critical workers can continue to use registered childcare, childminders and other childcare activities (including wraparound care)”. This means we can only accept children into our care IF they are accepted into school under the criteria above.

Tomorrow morning, Tuesday 5th January, I will contact all families, and liaise with the headteacher, to firm up a list of children who fall into the above categories and who will continue with our current childcare arrangements. I will then put staff in place to ensure we are ready for Wednesday morning. Places will be agreed and invoiced. Notice periods to cancel contracts will apply in the usual manner, but for those families unable to attend school you will not be charged anyway.

Wednesday 6th January 2021 – BKC WILL RE-OPEN, but only for children authorised to attend school, that are registered with us for childcare.

Once a sense of ‘normality’ resumes we hope to still be here, serving the community, as before.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Please follow the rules. Stay safe.

Best wishes, Nic.

2:35pm – Monday 4th January 2021

Today, BKC opened as a Holiday Club for 16 children (8 in each room bubble). During the Christmas holiday period we reviewed existing covid-secure measures following the move to Tier 4. Enhanced measures are working fine and all children have had a good day. We hope it continues!

BKC remains open and is ready for the return to school tomorrow. We have just seen that the PM will address the nation again at 8:00pm tonight, so things may change.

IF the Government closes schools again, BKC will close. All continuous contract invoices will be raised and credited.

IF the Governments keeps schools open, BKC will remain open.

IF the Government keeps schools open, but the LA closes our school, BKC will remain open, unless forced closure by the LA is put upon us.

We have so far had zero cases at Kids Club and we hope it stays that way. Please remain vigilant, keep washing your hands and stay safe.

Best wishes, Nic.

Monday 14th December 2020

Over the Christmas period it is still important that we maintain contact with you for the purposes of Test and Trace procedures. Therefore, we would ask:

  • If your child tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), having developed symptoms more than 48 hours since being in our setting, BKC should not be contacted. Parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.
  • if your child tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), having developed symptoms within 48 hours of being at BKC, we are asked to assist in identifying close contacts and advising self-isolation, as they may have been infectious whilst with us.
  • If your child tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), whilst being asymptomatic, within 48 hours of being at BKC, we are asked to assist in identifying close contacts and advising self-isolation, as they may have been infectious whilst in our setting.

If your child tests positive for coronavirus (COVID -19) over the Christmas period and their symptoms started within 48 hours of last attending our setting, or they are asymptomatic and the test was within 48 hours of being in our setting, please notify us as soon as possible on 07922 064122, or email us at

If you will not be available on your usual contact number over the Christmas period, please notify us of the best way to contact you.

Best wishes for a safe and Happy Christmas!


Tuesday 10th November 2020


Following the announced temporary closure of the Reception bubble at Brampton Village Primary School, earlier today, all children and staff within that bubble have been told they must self-isolate and not return to school until 24th November 2020. BKC is NOT directly affected by the positive test as the child does not attend our setting. However, we ARE affected by the withdrawal of children and staff on a daily basis.

Staff shortages have now been identified and revised schedules are being put in place from today to ensure all other children that continue to attend the setting will remain as safe as possible and we can continue to be ‘covid-secure’.

Unlike Lockdown 1.0 this is not a Government cessation of the school term and all invoices remain. We are aware of Government packages that support self-isolation, so there may be funds available that support you during this time.  If we hear anything more definite we will pass it on to you and all other families affected. Likewise, if you find yourself in financial difficulty as a result of your child self isolating, please discuss your concerns with Nic, in confidence. Thank you.

Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Based on the latest Government move to ‘Lockdown 2.0’, scheduled this week, BKC will remain OPEN.

Our current ‘Covid secure’ protocols will remain. When children enter the premises, hand sanitising gel will be offered to them before they continue to secure their belongings. At the same time, a voluntary, non-invasive forehead thermometer check will also be offered, subject to consent being given. If you have any objections, please let us know. We have PPE for use in administering First Aid and supporting children with intimate care needs, as and when they arise. Further details are still available below.

As more details are announced we will continue to review the updated guidance. Any change to our current procedures will be announced here, on our website.

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Today, the Government announced “Primary and secondary education will recommence in September with full attendance”. For those families still with us, your sessions are guaranteed. If you wish to change them from September, you have immediate priority to do so.

If you wish to register for childcare from September 2020, and do not currently have places with us, please complete a Waiting List form and send it to us.

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Following the decision of Brampton School to temporarily close to all children on Fridays, from 26th June 2020, I want to update you on our ability to provide childcare.
Based upon current Government guidance, Fridays remain ‘official’ school days for YR, Y1 and Y6.  Schools remain closed for all children in Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5, unless they are vulnerable or if they are children of Keyworkers etc.
Brampton Kids Club, as an independent provider of childcare on a school site, is currently permitted to open for Breakfast Clubs and After-school Clubs.
The decision taken by Brampton School means that NO children will be on school premises, under their care, on Fridays, from 26th June 2020.  This means that any child attending BKC on those days would now be doing so with BKC adopting the persona of a ‘Holiday Club’.
Under current Government guidance Holiday Clubs are not yet permitted to open.  Therefore, BKC will also close on these days.
While our Terms of Membership state “There will be no reduction in fees due to illness, or any other reason, when your child would normally be booked in to attend the Club”, in order to maintain our position of treating all families as fair and as equal as possible, we will not charge any family for current sessions booked on those Fridays affected by Brampton Schools’ change in position.  I will amend all invoices and only send them to you once the additional credits have been applied.
I continue to monitor Government guidance and updates as they are published, and will endeavour to implement any changes within our capabilities at the time, in order to support all families registered with us.
I appreciate the decision made by Brampton School will have a direct impact on those families needing childcare on those Fridays affected.  I recommend the following link for Cambridgeshire’s Family Information Service.  This will take you to a website that will provide a contact number at the Local Authority to support you in finding temporary childcare, if needed.
If you have already emailed me since Brampton School’s announcement I will also respond individually.
If you have any questions or concerns please come back to me asap.
Many thanks,


Thursday 28th May 2020

While many things are changing day-to-day with Government policy and procedure, regarding the phased return to school, I just want to clarify our charging policy, following questions raised and including the updated opening times received from Brampton School.  This overrides any previous notice communicated prior to 27th May 2020.
Both before and during lockdown we have received notice from families to end their contract with us, in accordance with the Terms of Membership.  Notice periods have been applied and the sessions made available have already been reallocated to new families coming to Brampton school in September 2020.  Where those families have indicated a desire to come back to us in September, they have been added to our Waiting List.
All other contracts remain as before and although invoices have been raised during April and May 2020, we have also credited every family with the same amounts.  We have not charged you.  Invoices have been printed for your records and these will be supplied to you, when we see you.

Year Reception – The school day has been confirmed to start at 9:30am, ending at 2:30pm.  BKC will open as normal from 8:00am, ending at 6:00pm.  There will be NO additional charges to any family for the additional time of childcare, up to 9:30am, Monday to Friday.  There will also be NO additional charges for the additional childcare, between 2:30pm and 3:05pm, Monday to Thursday.  Regular invoices will be charged in full, for all families registered with us, from Tuesday 2nd June 2020 (the first day you are able to attend Brampton school).
Year 1 – The school day has been confirmed to start at 9:15am, ending at 2:45pm.  BKC will open as normal from 8:00am, ending at 6:00pm.  There will be NO additional charges to any family for the additional time of childcare, up to 9:15am, Monday to Friday.  There will also be NO additional charges for the additional childcare, between 2:45pm and 3:10pm, Monday to Thursday.  Regular invoices will be charged in full, for all families registered with us, from Wednesday 3rd June 2020 (the first day you are able to attend Brampton school).
Year 6 – The school day has been confirmed to start at 9:00am, ending at 3:00pm.  BKC will open as normal from 8:00am, ending at 6:00pm.  There will be NO additional charges to any family for the additional time of childcare, between 3:00pm and 3:20pm, Monday to Thursday.  Regular invoices will be charged in full, for all families registered with us, from Thursday 4th June 2020 (the first day you are able to attend Brampton school).
Fridays, 1:00pm – 3:00pm BKC will open an additional session, based upon our Holiday Club rates.  For those families (YR, Y1 and Y6) wishing to attend, this will be at a flat rate cost of £4.00 per hour, per child.  Normal rates will apply thereafter, until 6:00pm.  Please advise if you would like to book the additional sessions (1:00pm – 3:00pm).
Year 2 , Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 – General school attendance for children in this cohort is still not permitted.  Invoices will only be raised again when the Government says they should attend.  For those children in this cohort who are vulnerable, or who are children of Keyworkers charges will be levied based on requested attendance.  However, charges will be made in full, from the date of official permitted school attendance, as with those in YR, Y1 and Y6.
BKC will not be open on Monday 1st June 2020.
Shielding – For those children shielding due to their own medical condition, we will continue to not make any charges, as long as your official notice of shielding is provided.  This will be the case until the individual notices expire.
Bubbles – Nicola has been working with Mr Allen to ensure, where possible, that children attending BKC will be in the same Year Group ‘bubbles’ in school.
I hope this clarifies our position and the difficult decisions we have had to make in order to ensure all children in our care remain as safe as possible.
We look forward to hopefully seeing you all again soon.
Best wishes, stay safe,


Wednesday 20th May 2020

What’s happened and what are the plans?

Following Government advice, and subject to statutory guidance at the time, Brampton Kids Club will re-open on 1st June 2020, for all children currently registered with us in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 classes.

Additionally, places will also be re-opened for those children who are vulnerable or whose parents are Keyworkers.  All spaces allocated are based on existing contracts and sessions previously attended.

Before the end of March 2020 the rooms occupied by BKC were given a deep clean.  This included tables, chairs, play equipment and toys – even the individual pieces of Lego were cleaned.  BKC has since been closed.

Prior to 1st June another surface clean and re-arrangement of furniture will be needed in order for us to be ready to accept children, and staff, back into the setting.

If the Government opens schools with restricted access to individual year groups, BKC will operate as normal for those children and families affected, that we currently support.  Steps will be taken to maintain social distancing and procedures will be modified to reduce the risk of infection for all of those in attendance.

Already, childminders and nannies are able to operate and support children of all ages, from early years to teens.  BKC will only support those children on our Register, and only those permitted to attend, by following the statutory guidance, from 1st June 2020.  

During lockdown we have credited all families with the expected charges due for April and May 2020.  As a result, our income has reduced to zero.  From 1st June 2020, the school term will be re-opened and all invoices will be charged as normal, for those permitted by the Government to attend – i.e. YR, Y1 and Y6. 

To clarify, current Terms of Membership state that there will be no reduction in fees due to illness, or any other reason, when your child would normally be booked in to attend the Club.  The only exception we will make to this is if your child remains ‘shielding’ and this is supported with an NHS or GP letter.

As children in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 are not permitted to attend school yet (unless they are vulnerable or whose parents are Keyworkers) invoices will remain credited until those year groups are permitted to attend.

If children who are vulnerable or whose parents are Keyworkers do attend, then invoices will also be charged in full, from 1st June 2020.

Please see below for the changes in routine that we will put in place in order to safeguard all those children and staff attending BKC from 1st June 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me, on 07922 064122.

Thank you, stay safe,


Brampton Kids Club

How will it work from 1st June 2020?

From 1st June 2020, as at the point of lockdown, we will continue to restrict the movement of people within Kids Club.  Only staff and children attending Kids Club will be permitted to enter the premises.  In order to minimise all risks we will continue to ask all parents, and school staff, not to enter the premises (Green room and Yellow room) while we are open.

On arrival, in the mornings, parents are requested to remain at the yellow gates and allow their children to enter Kids Club, one by one.  In the afternoons, BKC staff will collect your children and hand them over to you.

We will have one member of staff designated to welcome the children and record their arrival/departure on the register.

On arrival at the Club, and with your consent, a second member of staff will provide each child with hand sanitising rub and will also provide a quick temperature check using a non-contact, non-invasive infrared forehead thermometer.  Staff, with consent, will have also checked themselves on arrival for work.

The results of the thermometer check will show either green, amber or red.  Readings in green will allow each child to continue into Kids Club.  Amber readings will mean we will continue to observe your child and look for any additional health concerns.  Red readings will mean your child will need to be sent home.  At no point will any records be kept of any individual health checks, unless existing medical conditions and approved protocols need to be maintained.

Breakfast and afternoon snack time routines will be changing as a result of social distancing.  If any child arrives between 8:00am and 8:25am they will be offered breakfast.  This hasn’t changed.  However, the statutory requirements for children to become self-sufficient will be lifted for the duration of social distancing.

Instead of 14 people sat for breakfast or afternoon snack, we will now have a maximum of 6 at any one time.  Children will make a request for food.  One member of staff will prepare the food while another will serve and then wash all dishes.  Children will not be permitted to spread their own toppings or wash their own dishes during this time.

During active playtime Reception children will remain in the green room, while Year 1 children will remain in the yellow room.  Children from Year 6, and any other children who may be vulnerable or whose parents are Keyworkers, will be positioned in order to balance the number of children in each room.

Throughout the Breakfast Club and After-school Club sessions staff members will continually wipe down hard surfaces, play resources, toilet seats, sinks, taps, door handles and light switches.

At the end of the Breakfast Club, all children will be gathered in their individual cohorts.  Individual groups will be taken to school to meet school staff at their designated place of arrival.  In reverse, children will be collected from school in the afternoons, subject to the protocols issued by school.

So what about PPE?

Current guidance suggests PPE is not necessary for our normal routines.  We already use gloves and plastic aprons on a daily basis.  Added to this, we have purchased a very small number of face masks.  These items will all be available for staff use, if emergency first aid is needed or, if children’s intimate care needs require intervention.

Brampton Kids Club

Examples of the actual PPE we will have access to, are shown below.



Please contact us at any time if you have any further questions or concerns.

A close up of a device

Description automatically generatedEasy@Home 3-in-1 non-contact infrared forehead digital thermometer.  Three colour back-lit display gives instant reading temperature.  For babies, children and adults.
A picture containing toiletry, lotion

Description automatically generatedOceanfree hand sanitising rub.  This is a UK made, fast drying 80% alcohol hand sanitiser that kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses.  This product is medical grade and is manufactured to World Health Organisation hand sanitiser formula 1.  No water is needed.  Ingredients: Ethanol/alcohol denat (80% v/v), water, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide.
A picture containing refrigerator

Description automatically generatedDisposable nose and mouth masks.  Three layers of purifying dust in the air and skin-friendly filter cloth, giving multiple protections Size:17.5 x 9.5cm.Masks are made of soft, high-quality cotton and individually packaged and sealed.
Disposable polythene aprons.  Size 690mm x 1070mm.  With halter neck and waist ties.  Excellent protection from spills and splashes during a wide range of catering tasks, medical procedures, first aid and janitorial duties.  Safe for use in food environments.
Disposable examination gloves, synthetic, green with soothing Aloe Vera to moisturise hands whilst working and providing relief to cracked or chapped skin. Medical Grade (Fully CE Approved).  Offers a tighter fit than vinyl for greater sensitivity.  Latex free.  Conforms to EN455: Medical devices EN374.
H1 Bactericidal Hard Surface Cleaner .  For routine cleaning and sanitising of all washable surfaces.  Cuts through grease and grime.  Supplied by JEYES Professional.Contains Ethanol – content 0.25-<1%Contains Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride – content 0.25-<1%.

Wednesday 15th April 2020


School places are due to be offered to new parents (re: September 2020) from Thursday 16th April 2020. If you have already handed your Waiting List forms to us, and received acknowledgement, your requested spaces are GUARANTEED. For all other families enquiring for the first time, please email and we will support you as much as we can. Thank you.

Thursday 26th March 2020

3:00pm – COVID-19 UPDATE

It is with regret, that we have taken the decision to temporarily close our doors at 6:00pm on Tuesday 31st March 2020. Brampton Kids Club WILL OPEN AGAIN as soon as H.M. Government allows us to.

Since the forced temporary closure of our business, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have remained open to support those children who are vulnerable and those of parents in a Keyworker role. During this time we have been reminded regularly that we must continue to follow the statutory safeguarding guidelines that define how we operate. These guidelines protect not only the children but also staff.

H.M. Government have already put many financial support systems in place to ensure businesses remain viable and operational where needed. Unfortunately, many of those options are not possible for us to use to keep cashflow and maintain pay to all staff for an undefined period of time. Business rates relief is available to all, but as we share premises with school, this will not benefit us. VAT exemptions will apply for 12 months, but we are not registered for VAT. Funded hours will still be paid indefinitely, during closure, to nurseries, pre-schools and childminders that utilise the 15/30 hours free childcare, but this does not apply to us. Limited period ‘interest free loans’ are available, but will have to be repaid at some point, which will have a direct impact on future provision.

Prior to H.M. Government announcing the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, all staff were in a position of having no pay, for an indefinite period of time. Without knowing when we are going ‘back to normal’ we cannot afford to effectively plan financially, in order to survive. From 1st April 2020 ALL STAFF at BKC will be furloughed, which means their jobs are protected, and they will receive 80% pay, until at least 31st May 2020.

I have already received offers of payment, questions about payment, and notices of cancellation of places. So what are we doing about fees, ongoing?

It is NOT our intention to enforce parent contracts and to continue to charge you indefinitely. Even those that have cancelled their sessions with us will not be charged the notice period. We are, however, asking that ALL families pay their invoices for March 2020, in full. Staff are still being paid, in full, until 31st March 2020.

You WILL NOT be charged for any additional scheduled spaces until H.M. Government tells us when school can resume. From that moment of notice, normal procedures will apply, the notice period will be back in operation and all charges will be applicable, from ‘term-time’.

Why are we not enforcing the parent contracts? We are aware that through this unique period of time many families will be in a position of uncertainty and some may lose their income completely. We want to support ALL families as fairly as we can, so by not charging any family, we are taking a uniform and fair approach.

What happens to your places in future? Existing families are guaranteed their spaces. This is everyone on our register at 31st March 2020, minus those who have cancelled their places with us.

During April all new families coming to Brampton School, that have registered with us, will have confirmed places allocated for September 2020. Priority will then be given to adjustments needed by those existing families still with us, and then to additional ‘new’ families with Reception Class children from September 2020. We will not consider any other families until existing families and new Reception Class families have been looked after.

As always, thank you for your continued support. Brampton Kids Club WILL RETURN.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes. Stay safe. Nic.

Saturday 21st March 2020

8:30pm – COVID-19 UPDATE

While the response to Covid-19 is continually changing, I am currently in the process of replying to almost 200 emails. I WILL respond to each and every one, so please be assured that I have your message and you will hear from me, hopefully within the next 24 hours. I will respond to the initial concerns surrounding the childcare arrangements we have been asked to supply, to support BVPS from Monday 23rd March 2020.

Brampton Kids Club Ltd is currently closed, in its normal course of business. We hope to continue in the future, but like many people, we have no idea when this may be. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Please stay safe. Please continue to wash your hands. Best wishes, Nic.

Thursday 19th March 2020

8:30pm – COVID-19 UPDATE: We now have a little more clarity. From Monday 23rd March 2020 Brampton Kids Club will remain open to offer wraparound care and support, but ONLY for those children of ‘Keyworkers’, as defined by the Government, or those with Education Health Care Plans, Children who are vulnerable etc. We do not yet know how many families this will impact, but we will be open to support your children if you are affected. This position may change, subject to government requirements and/or staff availability due to reasons associated with COVID-19.

1:35pm – COVID-19 UPDATE: As of Monday 23rd March 2020, Brampton Kids Club will CLOSE in its current form. There will be no Breakfast Club or After School Club operating as standard. The Holiday Club scheduled for Easter is now not permitted to continue.

We are working closely with Brampton School and liaising with the Local Authority to see if we are needed to support them in providing care for the children of key workers. A list of who this covers is to be released later today, but it is expected to include NHS staff, police and food delivery drivers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through this difficult time. We will endeavour to continue supporting children and families as much as we can, within the government guidelines that are being constantly reviewed and amended, as necessary, to combat the pandemic.

As soon as we know more details we will communicate to you all through this website. This will help to ensure clarity and understanding of matters as they develop.

If you have any specific concerns or questions, please email

Please stay safe. Keep washing your hands.

Thank you, Nic.

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